Other Opportunities To Help The Homeless:
Volunteer At Shelters and Donate Food & Clothing
Volunteer Opportunities:

Beyond Shelter Coalition encourages all who are able and motivated to explore volunteer opportunities in homeless shelters, food kitchens/pantries and other relief centers.

We are not in a position to vouch for the security of volunteers at any particular place, but we list below some of the places where Beyond Shelter Coalition directors have volunteered. Among these are shelters at local synagogues that serve people from every ethnic background.

Some shelters are professionally staffed, but other shelters rely heavily on volunteer participation. Among the questions you can ask a shelter are: What are the hours of a volunteer's shift? Are there other volunteers on the shift? What are the responsibilities of the volunteer? Are the residents of the shelter screened to increase safety (in what way and by whom)?

1. Ansche Chesed:
251 West 100th Street, NYC
(Between Broadway & West End)
E-mail: ac_shelter@yahoo.com

2. Rodeph Shalom
7 West 83rd Street
(Between CPW and Columbus)

3. B'nai Jeshurum
BJ runs a shelter on Mondays and Tuesdays. Also works with Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew at their shelter.
(212)787-7600 Ext. 255 (Carol)


Periodically we will list drop off locations for food, clothing and supplies. Below are some of the fine organizations that rely on certain types of donated goods to help homeless New Yorkers and other people in poverty:

1) New York Cares:
116 East 16th street, NYC

2)City Harvest:
575 8th Ave., NYC


Inform People Where To Get Meals:

Some of the locations in New York City (Bronx and Manhattan) where people can receive meals can be found through the following web page of the Coalition For The Homeless:


sp;Political Action:
Because people who are homeless have difficulty being politically active, it is all the more necessary that others advocate on their behalf. This is in keeping with the Torah's command that we pursue justice to the fullest.

Periodically we will provide petitions to sign and provide information about upcoming political forums that come to our attention. (Please scroll down to see events posted.)

Please also visit the websites of organizations provided on our Policy Page.[See Links To Policy Groups]


HOUSING FIRST! calls on the Mayor to invest in affordable homes for all New Yorkers.

Check internet postings for the next New York City Rally for Affordable Housing  


Take the 4/5/6 subway to “Brooklyn Bridge,” the N/R to “City Hall,” or the 2/3 to “Park Place.”