Other Policy Orgaizations
Housing First!
Housing First is a coalition of corporate, labor, religious and philanthropic organizations concerned about the need for capital investment to create new for capital investment to create new affordable housing and rehabilitate and preserve current housing available to homeless and low-income persons. They note that today, the City of New York spends less than half of what it spent in 1990 to build and preserve affordable housing. They support a City of New York commitment to a ten-year capital investment of $1 billion per year to create 100,000 new housing units and to preserve hundreds of thousands more. For further information click on their website:
[Housing First!]
Supportive Housing Network of NY
The Supportive Housing Network of New York, which represents the 100 non-profit operators of housing for homeless and low-income persons, supports a NYC blueprint strategy for ending homelessness in ten years. The blueprint strategy includes homelessness prevention, investment in affordable housing, services to assist families and individuals transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing, and developing and implementing a ten-year plan to end homelessness in New York City. For further information click on their website:
[Supportive Housing Network]